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Welcome to Melling Aftermarket

Melling is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket oil pumps. We are also a full line distributor of camshafts, timing components, valve train, cylinder sleeves, expansion plugs, and tools for the engine building industry.

We service custom engine rebuilders, production engine remanufacturers, warehouse distributors, jobbers, and auto parts retailers. Our aftermarket division is noted for excellent catalog accuracy, new products, & domestic and international distribution.

New in High Performance

Now IN-STOCK! These pumps are available from just about all auto parts jobber stores, auto parts retail stores, online retailers or for those that own as shop, through our network of wholesale engine parts distributors!

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Cast Iron Oil Pump Part Numbers Available

10550ST - SB Chevy
* 25% Additional Volume
* 5/8" diameter press fit pickup screen
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10551ST - SB Chevy
* 25% Additional Volume
* 3/4" diameter press fit pickup screen
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10552ST - SB Chevy
* 10% Additional Volume
* 3/4" diameter BOLT-ON or PRESS FIT pickup screen
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10555ST - SB Chevy
* 25% Additional Volume
* 3/4" diameter BOLT-ON or PRESS FIT pickup screen
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BILLET ALUMINUM Shark Tooth Oil Pumps

Part Numbers Available:

10050ST-825SS, high volume for 8-1/4” deep street/strip oil pans

10050ST-700CT, high volume for 7” deep circle track oil pans



 70% less pressure pulsing and resultant cyclic loads.

Quicker: Reduced time to prime and oil delivery to engine components.

Tighter: Improved tip sealing and overall operating efficiency.

Lighter: 1.75 lbs less than traditional SB cast iron pump.

Stronger: Chrome moly shafts with additional shaft support.

Compact Design: Fits into the same space as the stock oil pump and pickup. 

Integral Pickup: Improves overall performance & eliminates potential failures.

Patented Design: Designed by Melling to be the best wet sump pump.


Melling’s break-through billet oil pump design effectively reduces size, weight, and complexity while significantly improving the pump’s performance and durability.  The exclusive helical asymmetrical gear design significantly reduces the pressure pulsing and resulting cyclic loading on the drive shaft which is typically found in gear pumps.  This reduction will improve the operation of the distributor resulting in less spark scatter and wear on the drive gear.

The robust design will work even in the most demanding solid motor mount applications. The anodized hard-coating applied to the housing and cover dramatically increases the surface hardness providing a durable wear surface.  Due to the compact design the billet pumps will fit in the same space required by the original cast iron pump. 

Melling’s billet pumps consume less power as compared to other competitor’s pumps which use thrust bearings. Omitting the bearing s eliminates a catastrophic failure mode.

The integral oil pickup incorporates a stainless steel wire mesh for better filtration and improved pump efficiency.  Optimized pickup and inlet design minimizes the effects of cavitation.  The result is that the oil entering the pump is super-charged to provide improved pump performance at high operating speeds.

The length of the pump’s drive shaft has been increased to allow for additional support in the cover.  Increasing the support eliminates shaft deflection which allows the gears to run true at high RPM levels.  

Billet pumps are available in both stock volume and high volume versions.  The high volume pump gears provide 25% additional pumping capacity but require less horsepower to turn when compared to traditional oil pumps.


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