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Water Pumps

PCI Mechanical Water Pumps

At Melling, Oil and Water Does Mix!

Our water pumps are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. As a well know engine parts manufacturer, with over 70 years of experience, Melling water pumps are:

  • 100% factory tested, providing assurances against premature failure.
  • High quality unitized seals and sealed bearings provide leak free long life performance.
  • Hubs, gears and pulleys are manufactured to OEM specifications.
  • Castings are precision manufactured and CNC machined, providing clear passageways for maximum circulation.
  • Hubs are pressed on with precision-guided tooling
PCI water pump

Warranty is 12-months on PCI Water Pumps.

“Most all water pumps have a small reservoir, sometimes with an aluminum plug, or weep chamber located near a small hole in the casting. Under normal operations, a small amount of residual coolant may leak from the weep chamber. This is a normal, required occurrence, referred to by the seal manufacturer as (seating the seal faces). In order to properly allow the water pump seal to function, a small amount of coolant needs to lubricate the mating surfaces. This reduces abnormal friction and retards against damaging the seal.”

“A continuous leak or drip may indicate a problem. OE manufacturers developed the weep chamber, in various styles, in order to absorb the small residuals. This avoids prematurely determining a pump is failing soon after installation. The small amount of residual coolant will linger and evaporate as the engine heat transfers to the pump.”

Melling Auxiliary & Electric Water Pumps

At Melling, Oil and Water Does Mix!

As the OE manufacturers look for way to reduce weight, increase engine efficiency and improve fuel economy, the utilization of auxiliary and electric water pumps is becoming more popular in today’s new vehicles.

Proper fluid handling is essential in today’s auxiliary water pumps and our pumps use a sealless magnetic coupling drive. This allows for an operational advantage, over mechanical sealed pumps, which means they will not leak resulting in maximized output.

Pumps are benchmarked and re-engineered in the USA and subjected to long life cycle and durability testing.

Pumps are 100% tested to ensure fitment, construction and function. Flow-rates are benchmarked to OE to meet the OE specifications.

Electrical connectors are designed to function in the same manner as the OE, in order to minimize voltage drop and resistance. Special attention is given to proper sealing and durability protection.

Some applications include: vibration isolators, mounting brackets and hardware exactly as the OE pump sold.

Frequent reasons for replacement of an auxiliary water pump includes, but is not limited to, coolant-leaking, lack of cooling, lack of heat, noticeable noise or vibration, reduction in flow or getting a service engine soon (SES) light. Any one of these cases, then you will need to replace the auxiliary water pump soon.

In some model vehicles, when the SES light comes on, slight operating temperature spikes, slight oil pressure drops, and intermittent A/C cooling maybe experienced. Be sure all readings are reset to factory settings after the repair is completed.

A sample of codes includes:

P2601, P2600, P2601, P2602, P2603, P0A3E, P261A, P261B, P261C, P261D

Verify your engine code before proceeding with the repair.

Warranty is a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty on the Preferred Component.

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