New Allis Chalmers Cylinder Sleeves

New Allis Chalmers Cylinder Sleeves

Melling Cylinder Sleeves is proud to announce the availibility of 8 Agricultural Wet Liners. These liners are made from centrifugually cast, high strength gray iron.

The average tensile strength is 1/3 greater than regular iron sleeves and nearly all OEM blocks.

These liners are Finish Honed, Ready for Installation, and come with O-Rings.


Allis Chalmers Applications

  • CSL344FS 685T, 6000, 7000, 10000, 11000, & Mark II Diesel Engines with Shallow Cup Piston Design
  • CSL345FS D175, DA175, D262, DA262, 6D262 Diesel Engines & G262 Gas Engine
  • CSL338FS B, BE, B15, B125 Gas Engines
  • CSL336FS D2200, D2800, D2900, 433, 433T, 649, 649T Diesel Engine & G2800 Gas Engine