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Premium Performance Parts Warranty Disclaimer

Due to the intended usage of performance applications, the parts in this catalog are sold without any express warranty or implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for the intended purpose. Installation of parts intended for “off-highway” use. Installation of these parts could affect the vehicle manufacturer warranty coverage.

The Melling engine Parts warranty does not consider low or no oil pressure grounds for extensive engine repairs nor complete replacement of damaged engines. This consideration is based on the fact that all vehicles have as standard equipment, either warning lights or gauges, which is to warn the operator of low oil pressure, low oil level or no oil pressure prior to the occurrence of the engine damage. If an operator chooses to ignore these gauges or warning lights or if the gauges or warning lights are not in operating condition, this constitutes negligence on the operators part. Therefore Melling Engine Parts cannot be responsible for the cost of these extensive damages.

NOTE: it is illegal to use Melling performance camshafts in vehicles that are operated on the public streets and highways of California. Various other federal and state laws may limit the use of these camshafts to “off highway” applications only. Check current state and federal laws to be sure.