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NEW High Performance Pushrod Chart

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Chrome Moly Valve Spring Retainer Specification Chart

Valve Spring

NOTE: There are many tolerances that effect the final location and spring height. The relative height dimension is for comparison purposes of these retainers. We took a stock SB Chevy retainer with our 45103 valve and 47601 locks and measured from the rocker arm end of the valve to the spring seat on the retainer. We then took the same dimensions for our 11/32” stem retainers. The 47518 is the same as the stock retainer and is shown as zero. The relative height tells how much the assembled spring height will be changed if you changed from the 47518. The 47501 would shorten the height by .070” while the 47505 would increase it the same amount. The same applies to the 3/8” stem retainers except we used a stock BB Chevy retainer with our 45105 valve and 47300 locks as a starting point.

Valve Spring

  • All numbers are nominal
  • Springs should be checked in every application
  • Springs with dampners should be oiled prior to testing and installing
  • Actual coil bind will vary because of the tolerances in the wire diameter
  • Coil bind can be checked by compressing the spring in a vise and measuring
  • Valve open height should be coil bind plus .100 or more
  • Coil bind plus .050 has been used but the life of the spring will be less