MDS Delete Kit for Chrysler 5.7L HEMI Engines – Melling Part # MDK100

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In this video, Melling Technical Director Cale does an introduction to the new MDS Delete Kit for Chrysler 5.7L HEMI Engines.

Melling Part # MDK100


Important MDM Delete Notes

•When installing a delete cam, the Active Fuel Management lifters must be replaced using Non-Active Fuel Management lifters.

•The valve lifter guides used in Non-Active Fuel Management engines are different from those used in Active Fuel Management Engines and must be replaced when installing the Non-Active Fuel Management lifters

•The MDS Solenoids must be replaced using Non-MDS plugs

•Pushrod length must be checked during installation to verify that the correct length pushrods are being used

•The vehicle engine control module/Power train control module must be reprogrammed to turn off the Active Fuel Management System in the operating software

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