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High Performance Products

Shark Tooth Cast Iron Oil Pumps for Small Block Chevrolet

Melling has improved the heart-beat of the traditional high performance internal gear pump. It is now significantly smoother through the use of new helical asymmetrical gears. The new gear design provides the engine with an improved flow of oil without the usual pulsing found in traditional gear pumps. The reduction in the pressure ripple from
the pump will also provide benefits to the distributor and camshaft drive

Click Here to Watch Video about The Cast Iron Shark Tooth Performance Oil Pumps

Shark Tooth BILLET Aluminum Oil Pumps

We have BILLET Aluminum Oil Pumps for Small Block and Big Block Chevrolet with applications for Circle Track and Drag racing. Click more... to see all the part numbers and information about each pump.

Click Here to Watch Video about the BILLET Aluminum Shark Tooth Performance Oil Pumps



Cast Iron Oil Pumps

Melling Select Performance offers cast iron oil pumps for Small Block and Big Block Chevrolet, Small Block and Big Block Ford, Chrysler/Dodge, and Pontiac.


Click Here to watch video on oil pump pressure vs. flow!


Aluminum Oil Pumps

Melling has Aluminum high performance oil pumps for the Chevrolet LS Series and the Ford 4.6 Series.





We stock a full line of high performance camshafts graded from class I to class IV for domestic applications



BILLET Steel Timing Sets       New!       

Large .250 diameter seamless double roller chain, Billet steel cam sprocket, 3 keyway crank sprocket w/+4°/-4° cam adjustment, Press fit roller thrust bearing and bronze washer options, 9 keyway steel crank sprocket options, heat treated w/black oxide coating.



BILLET Steel Gear Timing Sets


All gears are 8620 carburized steel, Includes roller cam button, lock plate, and bolts, Timing adjusted with optional 5 color coded dowel pin, hole inserts, Available in noisy and quiet versions




Cylinder Sleeves

Melling Cylinder Sleeves, Manufactures centrifugal cast iron cylinder liners to tolerances as small as one half of one thousandth of an inch, on modern CNC equipment. Our centerless OD grinding process guarantees a part that is perfectly round and to exact size specifications. 



Valve Springs

Melling has a line of valve springs for common performance circle track and drag racing applications as well as some custom valve springs. Contact us for more information on our custom Springs.



Guide Plates

Melling Select Performance has a line of guide plates. View our performance catalog PDF files for more information.



Roller Lifters

Melling Select Performance is proud to release these new RETRO-FIT Performance Roller Lifters for Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy, and Ford applications! Click more to see all of the part numbers and info




Tools - Screen Install Tools & Oil Pump Priming Tools

Melling recommends using one of our Screen Installation tools to properly install your press fit stle oil pump screens.

Click here to watch video on how to properly install a press fit screen!



Engine PRE-Lube Oiler Tank System

A must have tool to pre-lube engines. This tool eliminates dry starts after engine builds, It can be used on all internal combustion engines, and most importantly, it eliminates initial wear on engine components used in the build.