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Melling Aftermarket Stock Replacement Products

Oil Pumps

Melling is the leader in oil pump engineering, prototyping, and production. We specialize in several different styles of oil pumps including: Variable Displacement Oil Pumps, Vane Oil Pumps, Cast Iron Oil Pumps, Gerotor Oil Pumps, Aluminum Oil Pumps, Crescent Gear Oil Pumps, and traditional Spur Gear Oil Pumps. Applications range from Domestic & Import passenger car & light truck to industrial & OEM, and High Performance applications.

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Oil Pump Screens

Melling has a full line of oil pump screens for domestic and import passenger car and light truck applications as well as being the supplier to several OEM and marine manufacturers.

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Oil Pump Kits

Melling oil pump kits are available for several applications. Please check our catalog for your specific needs. Included in the Melling 2010 catalog are images of all of the oil pump kits we have in stock and available.



Oil Pump Intermediate Shafts

Replacing your oil pump intermediate shaft with each engine rebuild is extremely important. Melling has a full line of intermediate shafts cataloged for import and domestic applications.


Melling stocks a full line of camshafts in 13 distribution centers across the USA and Canada. Applications include domestic car & light truck, import, and High Performance for both street, strip, and circle track racing.



Timing Components

Melling is a manufacturer of sintered metal timing sprockets and a full line supplier of timing gears, chains, 3 piece sets, tensioners, dampers, guides for both import and domestic applications. See our catalog for all part listings.


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Valve Train

Melling stocks a full line of valve train components including valves, springs, rocker arms, and rocker arm kits for both domestic and import applictions, as well as High Performance.



Cylinder Sleeves

Melling Cylinder Sleeves, Manufactures centrifugal cast iron cylinder liners to tolerances as small as one half of one thousandth of an inch, on modern CNC equipment. Our centerless OD grinding process guarantees a part that is perfectly round and to exact size specifications. 

Melling Cylinder Sleeves Catalog 
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Expansion Plugs

Expansion Plugs are a new product to the Melling line. We have a full supply of standard freeze plugs as well as our new "vented" plugs. See our catalog page to request a copy of our new Expansion Plugs catalog.


Engine PRE-Lube Oiler Tank System

A must have tool to pre-lube engines. This tool eliminates dry starts after engine builds, It can be used on all internal combustion engines, and most importantly, it eliminates initial wear on engine components used in the build.


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High Performance

BILLET Aluminum Oil Pumps, Cast Iron Oil Pumps, Aluminium Oil Pumps, Screens, Camshafts, Timing Chain Sets, Timing Gear Sets, Stainless Steel Valves, Heavy Duty Valve Springs, Roller Lifers, and much more are available from the Melling Select Performance Line.

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