Tube Bending & Fabrication

Since 1981, Melling has specialized in bending both round and rectangular tube for several industries. We work with customers on the engineering design of their tube needs as well as prototypes of their product for testing.

  • Tube Bending of Round and Rectangular Tubing (6 – 75mm)
  • Steel, Stainless Steel, & Aluminum
  • CNC Mandrel Bending on 7 Eaton Leonard & Mckee Addison Machines Single Bend Cincinnati machines

Atmospheric Controlled Copper Brazing Furnace

Melling Products North, LLC offers on site Furnace Brazing. We specialize in the brazing of carbon steel assemblies using copper alloys. Our controlled furnaces allow for brazing and bright annealing flexibility which provides shorter lead times.

Additional Processes

  • Rust Inhibitor Application
  • Leak Testing
  • Final Assembly
  • CNC Mandrel Bending on 7 Eaton Leonard & Mckee Addison Machines Single Bend Cincinnati machines

Tube Welding

We have 15 Resistance Spot Welding Machines that offer maximum efficiency and quality

Additional Processes

  • Leak Testing
  • Final Process Weld
  • Position Weld Prior to Brazing
  • MIG & TIG Welding

Tube Assembly Stamping

 Melling Products North, LLC can provide Tube Stamping, Bracket Stamping, Flange Stamping, and Body Stamping.
  • 20 ton
  • 32 ton
  • 50 Ton
  • 55 Ton
  • 60 Ton
  • 100 Ton
  • 120 Ton

Tube End Cutting

Melling provides accurate High Speed Tube Cutting for the automotive component and various other industries.

We have 2 Modern Auto Cutoff Machines in house that can cut up to 20 foot lengths and complete 750 – 1600 Pieces Per Hour.

Modern Cutting-Off Machines are single-spindle, lathe-type machines designed for production cutoff of round tubing, pipe and solid bar stock. Stock is fed through the spindle to a stop which gages the cut length, then held by a collet and rotated while being cut off with tools mounted on cross slides.

Parts have square cut ends with minimum burr. Multiple cross slides permit deburring or chamfering the O.D. of both ends while cutting off. Any type of material that can be turned with standard tooling can be cut off.

Tube End Forming

For many customer parts, end forming is one of the processes we perform. See these examples.

tube 3D model
tube 3D model

Engineering Services: Design, Development & Testing

In-house Capabilities

  • Equipment
  • Machines
  • Tooling
  • Team Co-Development with OEM Engineering Departments

TEAM APQP Program Management

  • Supported within Engineering
  • Documented through APQP Quality system

Capable of Importing & Exporting files in 30 different formats:

  • Part Files
  • Parasolids
  • STL
  • Iges
  • Dxf / Dwg

Value Added Services

In addition to our on-site services, we offer the coordination of following secondary services to assist customers with supply chain management.  By contracting Melling Products North, LLC to manage these services, the overall cost of the end product can be reduced:

  • Assembling
  • Packaging
  • Washing
  • Metalurgy Lab Testing
  • Plating/ Coating
  • Machining/ Grinding
  • Robotic Welding